Trevor Barrios

Principal + Creative Director

Trevor is Sapien’s Director of Design and Brand Development. For the past decade, he has evolved a unique perspective on branding and the way it serves commerce.
He loves the complex nature of people and business and how the two come together. He is at once the war strategist, and the soldier in the trenches.

Inside Trevor’s Head

Why did you pursue your profession?

“It’s the classic story of the world needing to be fixed and me wanting to fix it. I always tell people that I didn’t pick this career, it picked me. That’s absolutely true. I don’t believe in fate, so good fortune or dumb luck must’ve steered me. I’ve been counting my blessings ever since. While creativity can be fun, creativity with purpose is productive, and creativity with intelligence is transformative. I spend most of my time in that third category, where the good stuff happens.”

What is the most unique thing about the team at Sapien?

“The shared attitude of our team members. As an agency, we’re still a startup in many ways. Not everyone is cut out to work in that environment and I try to be painstakingly honest about that with my staff. The oft-romanticized ups and downs of startup culture are on full display here. Each person is expected to own their title, but we don’t have time for silos (or egos), so collaboration is very fluid.”

What is one thing you wish all clients understood better?

“If you think design is decoration, branding is logos, research is optional, or that your customers are anything short of everything, you’re welcome to go work with someone else. We take our work and our profession seriously and prefer to partner with clients who feel the same way. I realize that was more than one thing. I like to push my luck.”