Erik Richison

Marketing Director

If you are a cat, you have four paws, a ball of string, and take copious amounts of naps. If you are Erik, you drink four cups of tea a day, own a lightsaber, and spend plenty of time in the sun. Marketing is like the Death Star. If you build a platform with all the right moving parts, people, and energy you end up with a really powerful machine (just don't go blowing up planets).

Inside Erik’s Head

Why did you pursue your profession?

“I graduated with a degree in PR, but realized quickly that marketing was the better fit for me because it’s human-centric, driven by creativity, and based on data-driven success.”

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

“Creating a well-designed marketing campaign that serves the perfect audience and produces a good end result for the client.”

What is one thing you wish all clients undertsood better?

“Marketing is not McDonalds. If you want a larger audience on Facebook or thousands of visitors to your website, it’s going to take time. If you order a “Number One” we’ll get it to you and you’ll love it, but it won’t come out in five minutes and there is no magic button for “instant traffic.”

What is the most common challenge you face?

“Remember in “A New Hope” when Luke couldn’t decide whether to use his targeting computer or the force on the way to *spoiler* destroy the Death Star? Crafting a marketing campaign is similar. In order to find the perfect balance when targeting a new audience you have to choose between multiple variables to reach your end goal.” < TWO Star Wars references? Really???

What is the most unique thing about the team at Sapien?

“We say what we mean and mean what we say. If you want to talk politics, turn on channel 6.”

What do you want to be best known for?

“Loving Jesus and loving people.”