Cole Cunningham

Principal + Operations

Eagle Scout, black belt, CrossFitter, Craigslist King... Cole is a man of diverse interests. Catch him at the Cherry Street Farmer’s Market or renovating his historic midtown bungalow.
Through flipping houses in Arizona, buying and selling cars for sport, and numerous web ventures Cole has gained some wild experiences and developed a unique ability to connect with a broad range of people. Having served hundreds of clients over the past decade, Cole knows the tools of the trade and provides insights into our business and accounts.

Inside Cole’s Head

Why did you pursue your profession?

“Never gets old. Enjoy the variety of working with diverse people, technology and industries. One day I’m building spreadsheets and the next on a big photo shoot.”

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

“Doing meaningful work for brands I believe in.”

What is one thing you wish all clients undertsood better?

“The importance of collaboration. It’s funny how some clients expect us to read their mind and not be a part of the process.”

What is the most common challenge you face?

“Helping clients understand the importance of research and strategy. Distinguishing ourselves from order takers to partner collaborators.”

What is the most unique thing about the team at Sapien?

“We are able to see the big picture for our clients and ourselves.”